Canterbury Cathedral and parish building

Canterbury Cathedral and parish building
Canterbury Cathedral and parish building located in the UK are kent.
In the early Christian Empire of Rome had spread to canterbury. Therefore, Canterbury Cathedral has a history of 1500 become one of the main shrine of the british.
Located in the northeastern part of the city church district there is a wall, the atmosphere in the diocese is a solemn quiet, this and the outer area of the bustling business district formed sharp contrast. The main building of the entire parish was founded in Eleventh Century. The church by Roman times a small extension of the church. Later, after the continuous continued construction and expansion, has built a hall, North and South transept, southwest tower, the central tower and northwest tower building. The architecture of different periods is the embodiment of architectural style in different periods.
Britain’s largest monastery is a monastery of Canterbury. The monastery by corridors, conference hall, rooms, Chapel, dining hall, hospitals and other buildings, the construction of huge, for 150 monks practice. After the monastery, it became a center of Theology in 7 B. c.. In the 11th century, monastery built a connection abbey church and the Church of St. Maria round the house, and built a to the new church in several buried in Canterbury bishop.
Is located in a city east foot of St Martin’s church is mainly composed of in the hall, the altar and the West Tower, the building doors and windows in detail and complex masonry witnessed the evolution history of. Detailed investigation has proved that this rectangular building is built in Rome.
In addition, there are a number of small churches and church bases scattered in the parish, these buildings with the main church, Saint Martin church together, together constitute the Canterbury magnificent religious buildings.

“Stonehenge” and the remains of stone

“Stonehenge” and the remains of stone
“Stonehenge”, Avebury and surrounding megalithic monuments located in the Welsh county.
Stonehenge, Avebury, two temples, constructed by huge stone column stone ring, wherein, building in accordance with a planetarium, Shizhu combined in a certain sequence up.
Built in 3100 BC to 1100 before the “Stonehenge” is the world’s most in view of cultural relics of stone. Some of the most striking part of the green stone pillars, some of these huge stone columns of 50 tons. Stonehenge layout is also very magic: a series of concentric circles shape stone circle composed of Stonehenge, then in erect pillars erected lintels, tectonic entablature tectonic wonderful. Used stone generally has two kinds: one is outside the 200 km Pembrokeshire bluestone, a is taken from the nearby Salisbury Plain liquid sand shale rock outcroppings.
“Stonehenge” is located in the north of 30 kilometers of the Avebury is Europe’s largest ancient stone circle. 100 green pillars formed the outer most stone circle, the perimeter of this layer is 1300 meters, the circle has two tangent circle. Here in 3000 BC placed 180 stone. From here, but also from the four corners of the world in four different directions to the temple.
In the near Avebury, there are many ancient heritage. Europe’s largest prehistoric tombs Silbury hill, the 25 million cubic meters of earth and the mixture of gypsum base of tombs. It is proved that the region in the new stone age has been fully developed.

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Kinder Dyke: Ayers Holt’s windmill

Kinder Dyke: Ayers Holt’s windmill
Kinder Dyke: Ayers is Holland: Holt windmill road’s unique landscape.
Holland is known as the “Phoenix country”, the windmill is a symbol of Holland. In 1408, the Dutch invented the world’s first: the typhoon, the wind farm with the windmill. In the middle of the eighteenth Century, Holland Phoenix car is very popular, as many as 10000 units. Today, the power to replace the majority of the windmill, the only remaining 1000 Taichung, there are still more than 300 units in use. Holland every year in May the second Saturday is set as “windmill day”, in this: the day of the whole country will start up all the wind, which attracts many visitors come to visit.
Lanai Willemstad historical area
Lanai Willemstad Historic District, is located in Holland’s lanai,
Willemstad town founded in 1634, is located in the center of the Lanai Island, the old building in the city has 750 seats, outside the city and 80 seat 18 to 19th century building, the architectural style of the Dutch colonial era on the island get real show.
West: the synagogue, is the oldest church in the western hemisphere. Inside the church is decorated with yellow brass Large Pendant, religious ceremony utensils: the law with the mahogany carving, silver inlaid. Church: a traditional, every day is paved with sand, is said to be in honor of the biblical exodus “planted by the children of Israel wandering in the desert of Egypt’s history. There is a museum in the hall. There are: a Christian Church, built in 1769. In the west of the city of Judah cemetery, dense erect many tombs, including erected since the 17th century, more than 1700 tombstone.
Holland ginseng Willemstad. In the 17th century in New York, Colombo, Sri Lanka, South Africa open Northampton) and Jakarta (Indonesia), built many similar cities. The impact of these city had been the Williams tower city DS style, reflect the architectural features of the colonial era in Holland.