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Hermes for a long time with 2015bestjewelry

Sales growth will continue to slow the prediction show that Hermes for a long time with 2015bestjewelry and Gucci and other luxury brands phase difference, customers were regarded as luxury club top brand — is also not in the luxury industry suffered a trend spared. The next step is to be combined with the length of strap, the line mark, with Hermes special “saddle stitch” manual suture. quot;Consumer trust in the brand, including luxury brand manual customization, win blow image will collapse.

Wearing a jewelry that you love, the one you love most, and dance the waltz of life. The case therefore remain the same, but now the improved H-our jewelry dial for a new chapter to write attractive. In the history of Hermes (Hermes) and another sensational news events, is the in 1920 as the prince of Wales design zipper Golf Jacket, become in the 20th century the first success of leather garment design.

Alternative clock Hermes magic crystal ball skills of clock the eight days the diameter of the driving clock of transparent crystal ball skills for 88 mm, total weight for a kilogram, a total of 231 pieces of parts, covering 25 jewels. Hermes: launched a new flight Tuo flywheel is located in downtown Paris faubourg Saint-Honor of the Herms (Hermes) sign boutique was chosen as the new Arceau lift flying Tourbillon flywheel publishing location, the new released will mark the Hermes officially entered the door to the world of high-end jewelrymaking. Hermes Japanese market limelight strong ceiling gold 1.42 billion recently, Hermes announced 2015 first quarter performance report.

Hermes (Hermes) brand all products use the most superior advanced materials, pay attention to the decoration process, exquisite details, with its excellent quality won the good reputation.