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Canterbury Cathedral and parish building

Canterbury Cathedral and parish building
Canterbury Cathedral and parish building located in the UK are kent.
In the early Christian Empire of Rome had spread to canterbury. Therefore, Canterbury Cathedral has a history of 1500 become one of the main shrine of the british.
Located in the northeastern part of the city church district there is a wall, the atmosphere in the diocese is a solemn quiet, this and the outer area of the bustling business district formed sharp contrast. The main building of the entire parish was founded in Eleventh Century. The church by Roman times a small extension of the church. Later, after the continuous continued construction and expansion, has built a hall, North and South transept, southwest tower, the central tower and northwest tower building. The architecture of different periods is the embodiment of architectural style in different periods.
Britain’s largest monastery is a monastery of Canterbury. The monastery by corridors, conference hall, rooms, Chapel, dining hall, hospitals and other buildings, the construction of huge, for 150 monks practice. After the monastery, it became a center of Theology in 7 B. c.. In the 11th century, monastery built a connection abbey church and the Church of St. Maria round the house, and built a to the new church in several buried in Canterbury bishop.
Is located in a city east foot of St Martin’s church is mainly composed of in the hall, the altar and the West Tower, the building doors and windows in detail and complex masonry witnessed the evolution history of. Detailed investigation has proved that this rectangular building is built in Rome.
In addition, there are a number of small churches and church bases scattered in the parish, these buildings with the main church, Saint Martin church together, together constitute the Canterbury magnificent religious buildings.