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Panthere jewelry series of contrast and elegant appearance

Cartier exotic animal kingdom brand jewelry Its brightness dazzles the eyes. So fashion, interesting artistic conception, it is by Cartier’s the craftsmanship and superior talent technology gurus single handedly created.

This is the charm of Temjewelry, is a blend of infinite charm, at the same time, women’s gentle tenderness with eternal rebirth. In 1933, he was appointed director of seniorĀ Cartier jewelry, Toussaint Jeanne, and he transformed the image of the plane into a solid piece of jewelry.

Neutral and practical design for all kinds of wear and different occasions, let you feel you are always with the time, you are the master of time. Panthere jewelry series of contrast and elegant appearance, a symbol of free and noble, independent of Cartier Panthere series bracelet and ring, make Gao’s feminine and beautiful blossoms.

Eugenia queen, she lifted brooches agitation; Queen Elizabeth and her brooch makes a person dazzling; Albright, brooch is her voice. In 1847, Louis Francois Cartier took the helm of the division Adolphe Picard in Paris montorgueil street, No.